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  Guangzhou Huibaimei Information Technology Co.,Ltd, located in Guangzhou, is a leading manufacture specialized in design, production and sale various advertising light box and advertising display products, with principle of〝survive with high quality, develop with credibility〞, has a group of technical team and sales team with more than 10 years experience  .
  Fabric light box is the development trend of the current advertising light box, HBM is a professional manufacturer of light box solutions from the profile design -the mold production - the assembly of finished products to provide "one-stop" services, could up to the maximum of time-saving.   Money-saving, convenient and efficient service. Our products have been sold well in domestic and foreign countries and exported to 98 countries. We have built long-term cooperation relationship with China Mobile, Chimelong Group, Wanda Group, Midea and high-speed railway and other famous brands. French subway,the British Martha dress, the German clubs,  Gucci, Dior and other international brands have established a good relationship of cooperation with us.

  Our advantages: full range of products, a variety of aluminum profile(from 17mm-160mm depth),a variety of led models, and variety of materials for customers to choose; 10 years experience in production, providing high-quality products, our factory has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, some products have passed the international CE/RoHS/UL certification;10 years of export experience, we can deal with a variety of professional foreign trade affairs in time and make sure the goods can be arrived with the most efficient and safest. We take root in the advertising industry more than 10 years and have a mature after-sales service ...

HBM team adhering the goal of building the industry pioneer and creat our famous brand, excellent quality and service is our company’s fundamental to make our brand products grow stronger and bigger.

Aluminum production department:
Safety energy saving and environmental protection

In response to the national environmental safety indicators, I Division from 2012 to invest millions of funds in the health Production equipment improvement, the first improvement is the problem of fuel..Switch to safe and environmentally friendly production of gas burning of the weather, the production of more safe, more assured products!
Natural gas combustion equipment Embryo material processing workshop Quenching tension tension straightening Aluminum product area

LED light production department:
Division I LED light source production line 90% to reach the scientific and technological automation model, the use of imported High speed automatic placement machine, chip precision up to 99%, while the corresponding with the expansion machine,
Microscope, baking machine, welding machine, glue machine, vacuum machine, glue machine, measuring instrument Cutting machine, machine and high temperature UV studio full set of automated production equipment, to achieve High precision, fast speed, excellent quality, super stable LED light source production line.
Crystal expanding machine Baking machine  Assembly production line       LED light product area

Llight box production department:
Our company has an independent light box assembly production line, with professional aluminum cutting machine, laser engraving machine, drilling machine, etc.Production equipment, mainly to provide customers with fast and convenient, efficient and cost-effective "one stop" solution, 2014 It mainly in the engineering project plan on advertisements have made outstanding achievements and become a leader in the advertising industry. In the domestic and China Mobile, long lung group, Wanda Group, the United States and other electrical appliances and high speed railway airport and other famous brands to maintain
Long-term cooperative relations with France, the British Overseas Metro Martha dress, the German luxury club,  Gucci, Dior and other international brands to establish a good relationship of cooperation.
Aluminum product packaging Laser engraving machine Aluminum cutting machine Light box production line

Product packaging and shipment: