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one-stop service

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Update time : 2017-05-22 17:19:51
Guangzhou Huibaimei Information Technology Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacture in fabric lightboxes in Guangdong province. With 10 years experience in manufacture advertising display, in addition to the aluminum profile, led light and lightbox one-stop purchasing advantage, we also can provide the fashionable product information and favorable product in this industry. The type of our product is the most complete in the industry. There are more than 160 kinds of aluminum profile and each design is unique. According to the bridge mechanics, it can undertake the load-bearing with non-defrmation safely and stably. And the appearance design is based on the international fashion style and good to visual sense. In terms of the manufacture, we introduce the natural gas fuel equipment produce aluminum profile. The chemical constituents and composite membrane are in line with international certification testing so that it is safe and environmental in production and good for export trade. Our factory separates three part including aluminum profile production workshop, led light production line and lightbox assembly line. We will do our best to provide the superior, efficient, safe and stable product and service. Choosing us is to choose the benefit maximization!

One-stop service
  1. aluminum profile
180 kinds of aluminum profile
snap frame fabric lightbox/side-snap fabric lightbox/frameless fabric lightbox
single side and double side display
Aluminum original color and customized color
  1. led back light
high light*energy saving*high quality
small light attenuation*High color rendering
customise variety of color temperature
multiple types to choose
  1. Poster
dye-sub poster
UV printing microgroove fabric
UV soft fabric film/3p cloth
Scratch-resistant waterproof fabric
4. Power Supply
15-1000w multiple specification
In order to maximize benefit ,you can purchase the cutting machine after bought the aluminum profile, so that it is convenient for you to process any size of lightboxes in the future. More  space, more choice!