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What light source does the fabric light box use?

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Author : Daisy
Update time : 2020-09-15 15:29:47
Fabric light box has developed so fast that it can be seen in one corner of the city, subway, commercial street, mobile phone chain and so on. This billboard is so popular that its performance is inseparable from it.                           
First, this advertisement is big enough! Large size of advertising can impact on a large range of consumers' vision, so as to promote consumption; 
Second, this AD is bright enough! The dazzling light immediately caught consumers' attention. So, the application of fabric light box is more and more extensive, because it can bring more and more benefits!

What light source does the fabric light box use? 
Fabric light boxes  have 2 kinds of light sources:
Edgelit led strip and backlit wall light.

Edgelit led strip we usually put at the aluminum frame of fabric light box. 

Backlit wall light is the one that USES most at present,usually for single side fabric light box, its brightness and even degree are better, and cost performance is high. 

These two kinds of illuminant have waterproof design, indoor lamp box USES common model, outdoor use waterproof model, already achieved the effect that light box highlights durable.